Our Team

We are team KING. A creative communication agency based in Amsterdam, we love to create international campaigns that add sparkle to your brand. The core of our company is a closely knit group of art directors and project managers – and we are delighted to work with an amazing circle of top-notch creative professionals from all disciplines.

At KING, we do much more than just design campaigns. What really gets us going is learning to live and breathe your brand. We protect it, empower it and give it a unique voice. In print, online, social and 3D, we provide you with state-of-the art solutions that strengthen your brand as well as your conversion. We take keen brand insights and turn them into an engaging execution that is always surprising and memorable.

We translate visual concepts into the right mix of channels and media, for markets and audiences in Europe and beyond. Our wonderful building along Amsterdam’s Herengracht canal is the heart of team KING. In an open and inspiring atmosphere, we craft effective creative solutions that help to position your brand exactly as you had intended!