For all of the international campaigns we develop, we are continuously looking for ways to increase involvement and to support the participating markets. In this process, we always work together with many different countries and people, and a webinar has proven to be an extremely useful tool to connect everything together. We have found thatContinue reading…


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The Philips CoreLine range offers a complete range of LED products with a lighting solution for every space. Think meeting rooms, a garage but also rest rooms and outdoor areas as a tennis court and loading and unloading areas. This gives the end customer the possibility to create the same lighting atmosphere in its entireContinue reading…


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Customer relation marketing

As a business, you are of course always looking for new clients. But don’t forget the customers you already have – they might prove to be your best ambassadors. The key to success here is authenticity, being true to yourself. Wanting to make a real connection. This is a powerful and inspiring trend for newContinue reading…


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