The blogpost by Aris Dwi Nugroho shows us the power of design: adding extra value to strong content by making the content more readable, easier to understand and letting the content sparkle. The book ‘The science of lighting,’ written by Wout van Bommel and Abdo Rouhana, is famous at the Philips Lighting University. It’s aContinue reading…


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The Philips CoreLine range offers a complete range of LED products with a lighting solution for every space. Think meeting rooms, a garage but also rest rooms and outdoor areas as a tennis court and loading and unloading areas. This gives the end customer the possibility to create the same lighting atmosphere in its entireContinue reading…


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The world’s first augmented reality cocktail menu shows new possibilities for immersive dining. At Jason Atherton’s City Social restaurant and bar in London, visitors can soon enjoy an immersive experience with their drink. The Michelin-starred restaurant will welcome bar-goers with a new cocktail menu, Mirage, which launches in June. An accompanying smartphone app created byContinue reading…


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