Let’s get personal

Electrical equipment wholesaler Sonepar and Philips Lighting wanted to support sales of the brand’s lighting products with a joint campaign, aimed at the installers who buy their supplies at Sonepar. The goal was to empower the installers to sell more to their end-user clients.

To stand out from the regular crowd of product promotions, we decided to create a magazine and use Sonepar as the main sender, adapting the campaign to the needs of different markets. In other words: we got up close and personal. The Make Light Work magazine didn’t feel like advertising material and featured a high-profile preface by Sonepar’s CEO. Designed to look like a lifestyle magazine, it gave installers handy tips and tricks, as well as product info.

“What I love about the magazine is that it’s a complete new communication tool; a magazine with personalised and localised content. Unique because it stood out from the usual pragmatic product communication. It’s surprising and really demonstrates Philips’s brand leadership. And that was exactly what we needed. The people at both Sonepar and Philips were extremely proud of the magazine.”

Simone van Leeuwen, Senior Global Key Account Manager, Philips Lighting

We made sure the magazine was attractive and fun to read – with articles on product manufacturing, inspiring showcase projects, lighting news and sales tips from the installers themselves. Everything was then localised to target a specific market, from the selection of ads to the modified product information. The results were more than just spectacular sales: the campaign lifted the collaboration between Sonepar and Philips to a whole new level.