Making health fun again

Many employers want to offer their people a healthy professional environment. To cater to their needs, our client GezondEffect wanted to launch a new coaching-based programme: iFeelGood. They asked us: what is the best way to bring this concept to market?

The first thing we realized was that we needed to appeal to three different target groups: convince employers of iFeelGood’s benefits, activate and motivate employees, and include GezondEffect’s health coaches. So we came up with a double-branding approach. We used the personal iFeelGood label for employees and the corporate GezondEffect brand for employers and coaches, making sure that the programme’s positive effects were linked to the GezondEffect name.

All communications were supported by the overall positioning we developed: ‘vitality is progress’. This reflects the programme’s philosophy, which centres around the concepts fun and exercise. To make sure that employees saw the message as engaging, not patronizing, we made sure that the tone of voice was fresh, modern and positive. And we created an energetic visual corporate identity that symbolizes a participant’s personal progress, in which a stylized capital G (‘Good’) is the colourful and very recognizable key visual element.

Collaborating with KING is a joy: nothing is too much for them. They are very proactive in finding solutions, with excellent follow-up all the way.

Walter Voll, Managing Director GezondEffect

The campaign was a resounding success. At one company, sickness absence went down from 5% to 3.5%, with vitality scores rising from 7.1 to 7.7! Out of 150 enthusiastic participants, only one person dropped out, which is unheard of in such interventions. GezondEffect is very happy with the results, and is preparing other programmes like iFeelGood for future roll-out.