Customer relation marketing

As a business, you are of course always looking for new clients. But don’t forget the customers you already have – they might prove to be your best ambassadors. The key to success here is authenticity, being true to yourself. Wanting to make a real connection.

This is a powerful and inspiring trend for new shops and retail start-ups. In many shopping streets, you will now find lots of these authentic stores. They are based on a positive philosophy and steal your heart with their unique character. Products that are good for the world and good for you, made with craftsmanship and love. They are the kind of boutique shops you recommend to your friends. Something to talk about over a cappuccino.

For instance, around the corner from our office, in the heart of Amsterdam, there is an artisanal candy shop called Pappabubble. They create the most delicious handmade candy you will ever find, and their treats – which come in many different flavours – also look spectacular. Papabubble’s promise is: making the most attractive candy in the world, with love. And we wholeheartedly agree! It’s a perfect match for the idea that drives us at KING: creating beautiful things, around the world.

Working on international campaigns requires intensive contact with our clients in the local markets. As a result, a lot of our communication is long-distance: by email or phone. We talk to them just about every day, but we don’t see them very often.

We started thinking about how we could tell our clients a bit more about the people that they talk to so very often, and thank them for their continued dedication and commitment, and the hard work we have done together – and Papabubble’s promise was a logical source of inspiration.


A tasty solution

Every person is different, with different tastes. So each person in our office chose a candy that matched her or his taste and we filled a glass jar to the brim. The jar came with a booklet that contained more information about the candy types and why our people chose them.

It was a small token of our appreciation and -literally- a sweet way for them to get to know their counterparts at our agency a bit better. The jars are now on desks all over Europe, spreading the love of Pappabubble and KING. And nearly everyone has thanked us personally for that. That’s what keeps us going.


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