Ajax vs. FC Copenhagen in the Amsterdam ArenA. We were at the soccer game and witnessed an exciting evening with an amazing opening. The stadium put on a brand new light show with impressive effects. And we can honestly say: we enjoyed every single minute of it.

Extraordinary light show

So why was this such a great event? Spectacularly colored effects lit up the whole stadium before the game started. This set the mood instantly and things only got better as the match progressed. A true experience, not just for the audience at the ArenA but also for the fans watching at home. The images of the players in slow motion looked sharper than ever. Every move they made and every emotion they felt became clearly visible.

Light show as brand experience
To create this unforgettable experience, Philips used a unique and sustainable combination of LED lighting and dynamic color spots. This kind of light show adds an extra dimension to the mood in the stadium. It showed us clearly what light can do for the ArenA brand.

Even though the video gives you a good impression, there simply is no better way than to go see it for yourself. As of now, at the Amsterdam ArenA only!


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