How does a company make sure its employees remain healthy, fit and happy? There are countless of programs available that respond to this issue, but rarely do they have any long-term effects. The good news is: there is a different, effective way. Our client GezondEffect has created a fun and engaging method to help employees increase their vitality: iFeelGood.

Healthy with a little help

GezondEffect approached us to help them develop the positioning and visual identity of iFeelGood. We did so by focusing on the program’s main elements: fun and exercise. Is it time you lose some excess weight or finally discard those cigarettes? iFeelGood will teach you how to alter your life in a positive and long-lasting manner. With the help of a personal coach, employees work on different lifestyle themes for eight months. These include quitting smoking or drinking, healthy eating and exercising more. Employees are free to set their own goals, and participation is completely voluntary.

Challenge your lifestyle

The key to success is that iFeelGood is not a diet, but an alternation of lifestyle. This results in changes that really are long-lasting. The goal of the program is to make employees healthier, fitter and happier. Of course this also leads to advantages for the company. Imagine a more positive work environment, a greater team spirit and less absenteeism. A happy employee is a productive employee! The feedback of companies that have worked with iFeelGood has been very positive so far. We can imagine that the program will lead to many more healthy work environments in the future!


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