The Philips CoreLine range offers a complete range of LED products with a lighting solution for every space. Think meeting rooms, a garage but also rest rooms and outdoor areas as a tennis court and loading and unloading areas. This gives the end customer the possibility to create the same lighting atmosphere in its entire building.

We were asked to develop a sales tool that would help the installer to better advice its client, the end customer, taking into consideration their different needs.

Different needs

The difference in the sales process is that the installer is interested to know all about the technical specs. This is his vital information to be able to install the product. And the end customer though is interested in the visual results, he wants to know what the impact is of the luminaires in its environment.

Solution, the 360° interactive tour

We developed a 360° tool that serves both the installer as the end customer. It gives the clients a virtual tour through a unique building. It allows the customer to look around in all directions, just as they can in real life. In every space the CoreLine products are displayed for which they were developed and show clients the real-world benefits on the spot. With a mouse over all specs are displayed.


The building is designed exclusively for the products of the CoreLine range, in 3D. The 360° tool is a new way of servicing both the installer and the visual minded customer. It provides a unique customer experience that helps to make the best CoreLine lighting solution. The tool is suited to adjust to a Virtual Reality technology.




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