The blogpost by Aris Dwi Nugroho shows us the power of design: adding extra value to strong content by making the content more readable, easier to understand and letting the content sparkle.

The book ‘The science of lighting,’ written by Wout van Bommel and Abdo Rouhana, is famous at the Philips Lighting University. It’s a guide about the nature and behavior of lighting and it comes highly recommended, and not just for new employees of Philips Lighting. The book is also a very interesting read if you’re working somewhere else in the lighting industry.

The guide was originally written in 1993 and the content has always been up-to-date. The same does not apply to the design. The old edition of ‘The science of lighting’ looked like a boring textbook, hard to get through. Until 2016. KING has been asked to give the book’s design a total makeover, make it interesting to read for today’s generation and ready to read both digitally and in print. We loved working together with the Philips Lighting University team. We’ve created a book to be very proud of and, what’s even better, we achieved our goal.

See for yourself what good design can add to great content and read Aris Dwi Nugroho’s post.


8 Oktober 2017, author: Arisdn


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