We are very happy with our office at the Keizersgracht in the heart of Amsterdam. A creative workplace in a monumental building. Creating beautiful things, around the world: that’s what KING stands for. We practice what we preach, so we put extra effort in designing our own working space. The hero of our office? The Orange Light Tree, without any doubt.

Tourists are amazed by our Orange Light Tree

If you ask us, creating beautiful things is not only about aesthetics. It’s also about also intelligence, innovation and sustainability. We designed our office together with De Namen, a co-operation of young Dutch creative design professionals. They’ve managed to create a working atmosphere with a both organic and modern look & feel. We have two long desks. From each desk, a tree of orange cables and lights ‘grows’ towards the ceiling. It’s quite surrealistic, but really beautiful. Even tourists stop to make pictures of our amazing Orange Light Tree.

Alice in KING Land

The light tree consists of led lights and about one hundred 3D printed fixtures, made of biodegradable plastic. Next to these growing lights we have living trees hanging from the ceiling. Say what? Exactly, real trees on ropes. Every new visitor to our office walks for the first few minutes at KING like Alice in Wonderland. So why do we do this? For the business we’re in, it’s essential to work in a creative environment. It gives us inspiration to produce the most creative and innovative ideas for our clients.

Come and see for yourself at the Keizersgracht 8!



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