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In the past few decades, the technology that drives human communications has seen unprecedented advances: more and more people around the world are connected and information flows faster than ever before. This trend is sure to continue and accelerate into the future.

How will these upcoming innovations change the way brands engage with the people that matter to them? How will they create new opportunities for people around the world to share their experiences and ideas? How will the devices we use interact with the personal, face-to-face aspects of our relationships?

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To get some answers we at KING invited futurist Richard van Hooijdonk to share his vision of things to come with us and with our clients.

On an exciting, fact-filled afternoon in June, Richard took us on a tour of the 21st century that featured 3D printers that create everything from bodily organs to living cells; the quickly expanding Internet of Things; mirrors that can scan us and provide instant health advice; and a new generation of robots that are poised to impact both our professional and personal lives.


It is now clear to us that there are some disruptive trends and technologies happening or coming our way that will have an huge impact on us as a person and in our society. The way of working will change, jobs will change and our lives will change. It is going to happen so you might as well enjoy and make use of it.

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