For every person, every company, a time comes when you need to take stock of what you’ve done, where you’ve been, who you are. And how you’re going to move forward. For us at King design, that moment is now. We wanted to take a good look at how we’ve grown over the years, where our strengths lie, and what kind of future we see for ourselves.


The ‘Maastricht’ and ‘Bourne’ sessions

Our first step was what we have come to call the ‘Maastricht’ sessions. A retreat in which we laid down the ground rules: if we are going to redefine who we are, we must do it thoroughly, without holding back on tough decisions. In an initial brainstorm, we identified our strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and the direction we wanted to pursue.

Step two was to bring in an independent specialist who could guide us on our way to a new positioning and identity: Bourne design. They worked with a task force from our team who spearheaded the entire operation. Bourne took what we had found in Maastricht and helped us to delve deeper and reach further, moving towards a new definition of our ambitions, identity, positioning and internal organisation.


A new King

Together with our friends at Bourne, we fleshed out their unique identity matrix that summarised nine key values and that helped us find a new services proposition for our company. Our own reflection and feedback from clients both pointed towards a clear new positioning: what we excel at is creating international campaigns that add sparkle to your brand.

This is, quite simply, what we love to do: find effective and creative communication solutions that never compromise on quality, that are always on target and that never lose sight of the concept. But we don’t stop there – we want our solutions, their execution and our service to put a smile on people’s faces, because they are always surprising and the state of the art.

In a nutshell, we do much more than just design campaigns. We learn to live and breathe your brand. We protect it, empower it and give it a unique voice. All of which is reflected in our new tagline: KING, living your brand.


Team King

It’s one thing to set a new course and claim a new corporate identity. But we knew that if this was the lifeblood of King 2.0, the beating heart that would keep it going was the people at our company. We wanted to make sure that they all felt connected to this new chapter in our story, so that their commitment and energy would drive us forward.

We knew that if everyone at King could add value to the process, we would always be more than the sum of our parts. So we turned to Profile Dynamics to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. How do we work as a team, who do you want to be, what are your expectations, where do you want to go? We learned a lot, and we are stronger for it.

Finally, we asked the creative and passionate inspirational coach and trainer Bob Hense to lead a team day in which we defined the central value that inspires the new King. This is what we found: we love to share our skills.

benow sessie


The identity

And so we approach the end of this story of transformation, and the beginning of our next chapter. But one thing was still missing: a fresh new visual identity. We again asked Bourne to point us in the right direction. We found that ‘Living your brand’ implies being flexible enough to step into your clients’ shoes, again and again. At the same time, what we add into the mix is what defines our own unique contribution, and our love for the craft.

Our new visual identity is inspired by Fire – a constant interplay between continuity and change. It’s all about passion, movement, form and colour. With firm, evocative typography that anchors the design and is easy to read.

King huisstijl 01


The proof of the pudding

We have all the ingredients lined up, and we are thrilled to get going on this new part of our story. But the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. We have a lot of new ideas about how to communicate what we do – so watch this space.

For us, this process has been much more than a change of identity – but some things will always stay the same. Our passion for creativity, our drive to excel, our commitment to our clients, they are part of our DNA. And we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration, providing you with the service and insights that help to build brand loyalty and connect you to your clients.

Maarten de Coninck


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